among us for android

 among us for android

Among Us is an independent multiplayer game, designed as both a role-playing game and a cooperative game. Produced by Innersloth, this little opus promises fun games with friends, from 4 to 10 players, during which each participant will use their talents as an investigator or impostor.

The intruders are among you: how to play Among Us?

The scene is quickly set: the crew of a ship must ensure its proper maintenance in order to hope to take off soon. However, a shapeshifting parasite has taken the place of one of the honest workers, we will have to guess who it is before he murders all the team members.

While the crew is busy completing ship maintenance tasks (mini-games), the impostors take secret passages and quietly kill the other members. Whenever a body is discovered or suspicious behavior is noticed, you will have to come together and choose to eliminate one of you, hoping to make the right choice...

The different game modes on Among Us

The life of the game is fueled by the ability to play in different modes. You can enjoy a private map with friends, or play in public and compete against other players from all over the world. The game also has several maps, which allow you to vary the environments.

It is also advisable to use a voice server in parallel. Although a chat is integrated into the game, it is more comfortable to be able to exchange directly with your teammates.

Easily install Among Us on different platforms

Another advantage of the game is its ease of installation, very useful when you want to play with a dozen friends on different media. It is available on PC, via game download platforms such as Steam, but also on mobile (Android and IOS) for those who play on a smartphone.

Learn to play Among Us: getting started with the gameplay

Among Us is also very easy to approach, and likely to appeal to those who do not feel like a gamer. One or two games are enough to understand how the game works overall, controls, crew/impostor objectives, etc.

The game experience is then built little by little. We then better understand the strategic subtleties, we play more tactically and we make each game a little more complex than the previous one. Be careful though, the game is not available in French, but only in English.

Among Us, a serious competitor in the party-game category

Bluff, manipulation, speed, insight, deduction, strategy... Among Us requires all the qualities that we like to find in a role-playing and investigation game, and has often been compared to Fall Guys, Town of Salem or the game of werewolf.

Unlike these, if a player is eliminated, they are not totally sidelined. You can continue to roam around as a ghost, interact with ship tasks, and spy on the crew.

And to finish…

Among Us is strategy, investigation, but above all a real moment of sociability. Regular content additions contribute to the diversity of the game, where you can spend a few hundred hours before finding weariness or redundancy.

You are surprised to doubt your friends, to prove to be a very good liar, and to fight for your survival as in any role-playing game. It's an unpretentious game, so don't expect highly developed effects and interfaces, but it delivers on its promise: to entertain and bring people together.

:Game advantages

The social aspect of the game and the integrated chat

The different game modes

Easy-to-access interface and rules

Games possible on computer and mobile

:Game Cons

Slightly poor graphics

Some online connection issues

Some unintuitive mini-games

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