Gacha Life APK for Android

Create your own character

Gacha Life is a game that anime fans make certain to cherish on the grounds that it will allow you to plan and make your own personal anime characters. The good times doesn't stop there since you can likewise connect with them a short time later! The game elements loads of customization choices so you can plan your ideal anime character without anything to keep you down.

In your own universe

Making your own anime character doesn't stop at getting to choose their hairdo and shading. You can change their face shape, eyes, skin tone, and, surprisingly, their steady look. Beside that, you can give them their own mentalities by choosing the sort of energy they will send, which is fundamentally their own character. Might it be said that they are generally in the mind-set for a battle? Is it true that they will be effervescent? Or on the other hand would they say they will be sluggish constantly? It is all up to how you believe your characters should be!


When they are totally done and prepared, you can now play with them! Enter the Gacha Universe and begin making your own private connections and stories. There are likewise small games to play and appreciate in the Plus Gacha Life. To sweeten the deal even further, you can collaborate with other Gacha anime characters in this world. It is double the good times!

Get innovative

Gacha Life is an entirely pleasant game. It is a tomfoolery experience to blend and match facial elements and styles. Presets are additionally accessible assuming that you are searching for motivation! The little games sort of get exhausting whenever you have attempted them all, however they are as yet decent leisure activities. By the by, Gacha Life is a loosening up game to play-helpful even.


Heaps of character customization choices

Charming and brilliant designs

Play scaled down games with your anime character

Meet other Gacha characters


Scaled down games are redundant

Gets wearing quick out

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