Grand Theft Auto V for android

 Grand Theft Auto V Unofficial: The GTA Universe on mobile

Grand Theft Auto V Unofficial is a game developed for mobile that takes up the world of the famous GTA 5 game. Between frantic races and shooting sessions, you will find the 3 iconic characters of the original game: Mickael, Franklin and Trevor.

As one of the many racing games on Android, the GTA 5 Unofficial game allows you to find the typical sensations of the RockStar Games license. That being said, please note that this mobile version of the game is not official, it was made by fans of the GTA saga.

Impressive graphics quality for a mobile game

The GTA V Unofficial game is not an add-on or sequel, but rather the full game enhanced for mobile experience. So it lets you enjoy the graphics of the original game on both PC and console. Very fluid and immersive, this mobile application allows you to wander around the imaginary city of Los Santos in order to carry out your gangster projects.

Lots of side quests

If the main story is one of the great successes of the original game, many players have appreciated the variety of side quests. Taking compromising shots or even Easter egg hunts brighten up the game.

A reference for GTA enthusiasts, but which requires a recent smartphone

Undoubtedly, this unofficial version of the GTA 5 game has something to appeal to fans of the license. However, we regret that the APK file takes up a lot of space on a mobile (minimum 1 GB). In addition, you should select the download site carefully to maintain the security of your device and avoid the installation of viruses.


An optimized mobile version

Striking graphics

A complete and immersive game

Lots of side quests

;The lessers

Requires a recent smartphone

An unofficial version

A game that takes a lot of memory (minimum 1 GB)

Requires bypassing device installation settings

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