Simontok for Android

 Free VPN application for cell phones

SiMontok VPN 2019 is a free VPN application for versatile from indoexe7. Like some other security programming of a similar sort, it attempts to safeguard your internet based protection and cover your IP address when you go on the web. It has different servers from better places in north of 50 nations. With this, you can get to destinations that are generally hindered in your district.

Conceal your internet based exercises

SiMontok VPN 2019 gives web access and a quick safe area of interest. It vows to keep any of your information from being shared on the web. With this, the data and subtleties you share online are blocked off to other people.

The application likewise conceals your genuine IP address by allowing you to associate with different VPN server areas. Thusly, substance that are not accessible in your space will be open to you. This additionally keeps programmers and eavesdroppers from following your web action. More than that, utilizing these servers keeps your gadget safeguarded at whatever point you interface with the web utilizing public Wi-Fi and different associations that are not secure.

SiMontok VPN 2019 has a no-logging strategy, guaranteeing the clients that every one of their exercises are not being followed, even by the actual application. As referenced, the application has an enormous number of servers accessible. It likewise has bunches of IP addresses and geo-areas that clients can associate with.

One tap association

Utilizing SiMontok VPN 2019 is genuinely simple. As a matter of fact, it just necessities one tap of a button to associate. After sending off the application, you will be blessed to receive a straightforward point of interaction, overwhelmed by an enormous Connect button. By tapping it, you will be associated with the server nearest to your area.

The lower part of the screen contains different capacities that can help you while utilizing the application. There is the server button, which, when tapped, shows you a rundown of all the accessible server areas that you can interface with. You just need to tap your preferred server to change to it.

Another supportive button that the application offers is the speed test. Thusly, you can check exactly how quick the server you picked is. Note that, while there are different servers you can utilize, not every one of them have quick association speed. Some of them even have availability issues. At last, SiMontok VPN 2019 has a button that permits you to in a flash interface with a server after signing in.

Basic VPN

SiMontok VPN 2019 is a VPN for the beginners. It accompanies an extremely simple to utilize interface. Dissimilar to other VPN applications, it doesn't mistake clients for a predominantly confounded arrangement. It has a solitary tap include, where it just takes one tap to associate and disengage to a server. It likewise has other supportive instruments, for example, a speed test. In any case, not all waiters in the application give a steady association, so you need to search for one that works for you.


Huge number of servers

One-tap highlight

Has inherent speed test

Basic connection point


A few waiters are shaky

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