Stumble Guys Multiplayer Royale for android

Stumble Guys is a free-to-play action title for mobile devices from developer Kitka Games. It is a massively multiplayer party game that can support up to 32 members at a time. In this game, players compete on several obstacle courses of increasing difficulty until one of them emerges victorious.

Promote like in Knockout Race or Fall Dudes 3D, Stumble Guys offers players battle royale type matches. This is a game where tricks and mischievous tactics are welcome. They will have to do whatever it takes to knock the enemies off the course and be the one to reach the finish line.

Fight Royale: Knockout

In Stumble Guys, you compete against 32 other players in battle royales through obstacle courses. Your main objective is to survive the various challenges and traps you will encounter, and to be the leader to reach the finish line. If you get kicked out of the level, just go back to where you started and try your luck again.

The presence of other players is what you need to pay more attention to, and this is where Stumble Guys starts to get fun and frenetic. Your fellow racers will do their best to knock you off the level to gain as much competitive advantage as they can. That means they'll push you straight into traps, disrupt your jumps and slides, and get in your way throughout the game.

If you manage to survive this tumult and emerge victorious, celebrate your achievement with the many customization options available to you. Dress your character in a variety of skins, from an outsider to a lion, and even a ninja. The game also regularly adds new maps to keep things fresh. The only minor issue is the occasional slack when playing with a most extreme of 32 players.

Seriously, don't let this get you down.

Overall, Stumble Guys is a great multiplayer game that you can play with your friends and family. It's fun and energizing, has multiple levels, and offers plenty of customization options. It's also updated regularly with new content, so there's always something new to try and experiment with, despite the occasional lag. We highly recommend it.

The addition to

A fun and frantic game

Can accommodate up to 32 players at a time

Several levels available

A wide variety of skins for your character

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Occasional impede

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