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Fortnite is a free online video game that mixes survival game and shooter elements. A cross between Minecraft and Left 4 Dead, it borrowed its Battle Royale from PUBG Mobile. Developed by Epic Games, its Chapter 3-Season 1 is enjoying the same success as the previous chapters.

After the update, you find that the island from Chapter 2 has turned around. Go explore the new features: locations, quest system, outfits and weapons. A new gaming experience awaits you in this New World.

What are the new locations in Fortnite?

The end of Chapter 2 announces that there is a second island placed below the one you know. After the launch, you find yourself on a beach and you see the flip of the island. You must discover new places as the snow melts. Explore the Sanctuary, the secret base of the Seven, the Daily Bugle where Spider-Man evolves. There you can grab the Victory Royale and the Crown of Victory which you must defend by chaining the first places in the fights.

What are Fortnite's new features?

You can move around and dodge shots easier with slides during which you can keep shooting and building. You can also swing around buildings like a spider hanging from its thread if you manage to retrieve Spider-Man's web shooter. You can fast crawl once knocked down by an opponent.

You can set up base camps with your platoon to go exploring. They can also be used as infirmaries or as a place to store items that you will need later. You can build them, keep them, or dispose of them as you see fit.

What's new in Fortnite modes?

In Fortnite's Battle Royal mode, you're looking to earn the Crown of Victory. It allows you to get EXP during the game and if you win the game with it, you get an emote. slipped into their experiences, their cards and their games.

What's new in the Battle Pass?

Check out the new Chapter 3 Battle Pass. You can unlock it to get new outfits, like those of Spider-Man, Ronin, Shanta, Harlowe and more.

The big turnaround?

Whether you are a new or old Fortnite player, you are starting from scratch in Chapter 3. The surprise effect has passed, you realize that there are not so many new features.



Speed ​​of play

Very large community of players

The lessers

A little poorer in novelties

We expect more adrenaline

Expensive outfits

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